Welcome to In Zurich!

Alex and I will be heading off on our big trip in February 2010. We are pretty excited and really enjoying the planning stages. We seem to email each other with more and more exciting ideas – Let’s visit Lake Baikal! Let’s stay on a private island somewhere! Let’s stay in a Mongolian¬†ger!

We’re hoping that we have the opportunity to upload some photos and write about our experiences as we travel. It’s a good way for friends and family at home to keep up to date with our trip, especially as we’ll be gone for around 3 months.

I was also going to try to explain the name of this blog, given that Zurich doesn’t actually form part of our itinerary, but it’s a bit difficult. If you haven’t checked it out, I’d recommend the insane British comedy¬†Green Wing – you’ll work it out.

In the meantime – please feel free to leave us comments about any experiences or places you don’t think we should miss. We still have plenty of flexibility in planning.