Hi Mum, we made it


Back when we used to actually update our blog, you might remember that we were on our way to London. When we last updated, we were enjoying our arrival in Europe proper: Moscow.

Since then, real life sort of got in the way. We hopped on yet another train, this time a mere day and a half trip across Belarus into Warsaw. Arriving in Warsaw was wonderful – we’d spent a couple of days there a few years ago, and just loved it. We’d have happily settled in for a few days of hanging out, but for the annoying fact that I had to get across Europe to Amsterdam for an appointment with the UK consulate to organise my entry permit. We got to spend only a single night in Warsaw, which we cleverly devoted to eating pierogi and drinking beer, and then it was another bloody train.

This one was a bit different. We accompanied each other as far as Berlin, but then I continued on to Amsterdam while Alex went to visit his cousin in Hamburg for a few days. After being in each others’ pockets for 3 months it was terribly weird being alone. Not bad, but just such a different feeling. It made me a bit antsy, to be honest.

Amsterdam is a great, charming and beautiful city, but unfortunately when you’re in a city because you have to, not because you want to, it colours your experiences a bit. Once Alex came to meet me we ventured down to the Hague to spend some time cluttering up the lovely house of our friends Skye and Peter. It was fantastic to see them, fantastic to be in a real home, and fantastic to co-opt their kitchen and do a bit of cooking. They took us to Delft to eat pancakes, and we did daytrips to Rotterdam and Haarlem – it was all quite idyllic. Unfortunately, we took entirely 0 photos of this part of the trip. Bad form.

After a terribly long time, the UK consulate finally issued my permit and it was off to London. We adhered to our original plan of ‘no planes!’ and caught the ferry from Hook of Holland to Harwich.



Our first few weeks were a blur of becoming official people – we got bank accounts, tube passes, mobile phones, a flat. We live in East London, full of hipsters, curry houses, and endless supplies of fried chicken.

Oh, and (of course) pubs.

So all in all we both survived our pretty epic overland journey from Singapore to London. It was a brilliant experience, something we feel so lucky and privileged to have done. I regret almost none of it.

We don’t intend to abandon this blog, as we’re planning to do loads of travel while we’re living here. Look for the next instalment soon.