Alexander and Amanda – on the road. Why fly from Melbourne to London when there are thousands of kilometres of traintracks to use?

Have a look at out itinerary for a bit more detail about how we plan to get from Singapore to London. Our journey, as the crow flies, is approximately 22,500 km (that’s about 484,579 Olympic swimming pools or 48,448,800 Persian cubits in the old scale). As it happens, not many people are travelling by crow these days, so we’ll be using trains, buses, longboats, ferries and tuk tuks.

By the time we get to Blighty, we’ll probably be ready for a celebratory pint, a shower and a lie down – but then begins the fun of finding a flat, jobs and re-entering the rat race.

We can’t wait!

Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions.


Alex and Amanda

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Guys I will be in Ulaan Baator from June 27, out in the gers from July 3 and hanging out for Naadam before evaproating on July 12. Care to catch up for a shimiin airag somewhere?

    Of course you may have died a cruel death by chilli in Dali or Lijiang …. but I doubt it

  2. Hey Danny,

    Would be great to catch up but our paths won’t cross, sadly – we’re in UB right now and heading off on a night train to Russia. Otherwise, a bit of the old fermented milk would have been grand.

    Hope you enjoy your time here in June. Let me know if you’re up for a pint in London sometime.

  3. Hi Guys! Love the blog. Hope you’re having a great time and look forward to seeing you in Europe soon.

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