Hi Mum, I’m not in Melbourne for much longer


Well, this is almost it. Only about 10 days to go, and we’re at the point where we really do have to say goodbye to a lot of you (although we won’t be going anywhere unless the Russians decide to pull their fingers out and give us back our passports). It feels as though we’ve been putting off our parting remarks – labouring under the illusion that there will be enough time to see plenty of all of you before we bugger off. Unfortunately, with limited time and a rapidly filling dancecard, we do have to say our final farewells and may actually miss out on saying a proper goodbye to many of you. To those of you we do miss out on seeing, we say “Oh, well, umm, I guess I’ll see you in a few years…”.

The truth is that we will miss our friends and family and we do hope that plenty of you decide to make the trip to London. If you do, and you play your cards right, there may just be a bed and a lukewarm pint waiting for you.


As opposed to these cold pints (modelled here by Mel)

Thanks to all of you who braved the gloriously variable Melbourne weather and came to our farewell drinks. Here are a few snaps from the day. More are/will be available on Flickr. You can link directly to our photostream from the sidebar on the right.


SomeĀ of you will have grown up by the time we get back.


And some of you probably won’t…